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The Carcassonne area

Overlooking the foothills of the Pyrenees on the South, and the Massif Central on North, the "Domaine de Gach" is located between "Malepère" and "Lauragais".

The "Malepère" (means "bad stone") offers to hikers and riders its wild hillsides of vines and fields and woods of varied oaks (result of Atlantic and Mediterranean mixed climates).

The "Lauragais", land of "coquaignes" (leaves of the "Pastel" plant) is very different; it crossed over by the "Canal du Midi" and villages of red brick's houses ... 


From Montpellier by the motorway : 

  • Exit n° 23 Carcassonne Ouest

  • Direction Salvaza (airport)/Montréal (D119)
  • Go on 13 km

  • Turn right 2,5 km before Montréal

  • Go on 1,2 km

From Toulouse:

  • Exit n° 22 Bram, take Montréal

  • In Montréal, direction Carcassonne on 2,5 km

  • Turn left, go on 1,2 km